Mandy Rimmer: Expert in Clinical Aesthetics at High Grade House.

Semi Permanent Make-up from - £300

What is Permanent Makeup at High Grade House? 

Permanent Makeup is a specialised form of cosmetic tattooing done at High Grade House. This is the perfect way to enhance your natural beauty and facial features. Permanent makeup is also known as micro pigmentation, semi-permanent makeup, permanent cosmetics or cosmetic tattoos. Its popularity has continued throughout the years. Many women and men of all ages and back grounds, enhance their features naturally and look fabulous every minute of the day.


How is permanent make-up achieved at High Grade House?

Permanent makeup (micro pigmentation) by Mandy Rimmer is an advanced form tattooing in which hypoallergenic pigments are softly deposited into the derma layer of skin using a single use disposable, sterile needle for your complete safety and a wide range of colours.  This can remain in the skin leaving you with a beautifully soft looking finish all day, every day. The techniques we use For Permanent makeup are medically proven, specifically designed to be completely safe, and artfully applied by our highly skilled specialist, Mandy Rimmer. You will achieve a soft, flattering look that looks completely natural at High Grade House.


Is Permanent Makeup safe?

The highest standards of hygiene and safety are up held at all times at High Grade House. The intelligent system used has been developed to the highest standards by Nouvea Contour. Similarly the pigments used are hypoallergenic, which hold a medical certificate allowing them to be used with a sterile clinical environment and have no history of allergic reaction.


Does Permanent Makeup hurt?

Permanent makeup treatments can be likened to tweezing. Two topical Numbing agents are used to help ease any discomfort, so you can carry out your day as normal, needing no down time.


How will the results of Permanent Makeup last over time?

Your  Permanent Makeup can last between 3 and 5 years. After the initial Permanent Makeup procedure you are invited back after 2-4 weeks for a second free procedure (called a top up) where the work is re-seen and any changes needed, can be applied. Due to the nature of the body the colour does fade over time and it is recommended that the client returns every year or two to maintain the intensity and lift of the treatment at High Grade House, Acle, Norwich.


How much input will I have when looking for the final look of my Permanent Makeup?

During the consultation you have 100% input into the style, shape, size, density and colour you wish to achieve of your Permanent Makeup. Advice is always on hand and guidance and expertise offered throughout. At High Grade House our aim is for you to be 100% satisfied with the result.


How will it look immediately after my Permanent Makeup treatment?

Immediately after  your Permanent Makeup treatment the colour is 40% more intense than the final result. This colour fades over the space of a week or so while healing. There may be a little redness or swelling for the first day but this quickly subsides and work and everyday activities can be carried out as usual.    


Is Permanent Makeup Expensive? 

Permanent makeup can sometimes be a little expensive upfront, but if you add up over the years, what you are saving on your general makeup and time, it’s not that expensive at all! At High Grade House we aim to be very competitive with our pries to keep our clients happy and hope they will return and tell there friends :)


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The good thing about permanent makeup is that, you can have little or no eyebrows, it doesn’t matter; you will be amazed at the change that permanent eyebrows can make in your appearance. Hair stroke eyebrows are such a precise technique that we can reconstruct and shape every eyebrow by replicating each hair at a microscopic level, like a form of tattooing. Our expert eyebrow artistry will help frame your face and add definition.  We have an amazing variety of colours to suit every hair and skin colour need! So do not be put off with some bad art work, that has been displayed on TV (you will not leave with black caterpillars) which is a common fear in most women i meet.



Applying your own eyeliner for some people can be extremely difficult, not everybody has a steady hand or the vision to do this. Wakeup with makeup can create crisp eye opening eyeliner because when eyes have been professionally lined or kohled to look amazing. This means you can say goodbye to wobbles, smudges and smearing. You can have a basis Eye Enhancement which will add colour in between each lash to give a more defined awake look as well as making your eyelashes look longer and thicker or a more made-up look with Eyeliner, which enables you to look like you have perfectly lined eyes, i like to add a little flick to the sides to life your eyes a little and makes them more appealing! Or you can go all out for the Latino look which is absolutely stunning; this effect really opens your eyes and can give the illusion of them looking bigger and stand out.


Lip liner:

When it comes to getting older the first thing we notice is our lips change, we either lose the pigment or they start to blend in to our face. We all want beautiful defined and full rosy lips, Wakeup with makeup can help redefine an irregular lip line with our permanent lip liner procedure or full permanent lip colour procedure for permanently beautiful lips all the time.


Pigment is applied either as a lip liner, which is placed neatly around the lip edge to give a crisp more even look, with this procedure we can also cheat, by filling in any gaps or emphasising smaller lips to give the illusion of looking bigger, by just going above the lip edge, this can be very beneficial if you are conscious of having small lips?


Further to the Lip Liner is the Lip Blush, this is a lip liner blended gradually to the centre of the lips giving a more splash of colour to the lips, but not quite a lipstick look, this is great for making lips look more even in colour or hiding any discolouration or scars in the lips.


And finally we have the Full Lip Colour, this is for a more made up look or if you wear lipstick on a regular basis, a lip colour is chosen and then applied professionally to the entire lip giving the impression of lipstick, as the pigments we use sit underneath the skin, normal lipstick can be worn on top of any lip procedure.


Your trained technician will go over which procedure is best suited for your face and show you examples of what looks can be acheived before, finally applying your makeup.


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