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Dates to Remember at High Grade House


 January 23rd 10am-2pm: Our Nurse Practitioner Lynne Phillippo will be performing Botox and Fillers at High Grade House

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Dr. Aslam Clinic Day 8th of Feb: Harley Street Consultant Surgeon Specialising in Cosmetic Surgery.


SURGICAL PROCEDURES MAIN: Breast Augmentation, Liposculpture, S-Lift Facelift, Breast Reduction, Breast Uplift, Body Reshaping, Abdominoplasty, Nipple Surgery, Body Lifts, Facial Rejuvenation, Including Minimal Access Facelift Techniques, Neck/Temple Lift, Ear Surgery, Eyelid Surgery, Nose Reshaping, Male Breast Reduction.


NON-SURGICAL PROCEDURES: Botox, Fillers, Facial Peels, Volume Filling, Fat Transfer, Chin/Cheek Enhancement

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Welcome to High Grade House, Acle; A new business venture and expansion from Wakeup with Makeup by Mandy Rimmer. 


For the past eight years, I have been a Harley Street trained Permanent Makeup and Laser Specialist. Offering my services all over the country from Norwich to Aberdeen, where I lived for 5 years. While in the beauty business, I got speaking to so many women about their self-doubts about their bodies, which left them feeling self-conscious and embarrassed. This started to eat away at me, so I decided to go back to school and study Clinical Aesthetics and set off doing market research on all the latest technology to give me the best results. High Grade House, Acle but was a thought.


Finally the years past and here I am with all my new qualifications, machines and so many ideas of what women want. But now I need to get noticed? Next step!! I need a skin clinic to show off all my new treatments! Then out of the blue, as if it was meant to be, this beautiful building full of character and charm came to my attention! High Grade House. Eight months later it’s finally mine and another crazy four months later of builders, plumbers, electricians, decorators, and floor fitters, we were finally there!! I managed to create a beautiful, light and airy spaced clinic, full of charm and quirkiness from crystal chandeliers to stags heads. High Grade House, Skin Clinic, Acle. Housed in the newly formed skin clinic, are four treatment rooms, fitted kitchen, and staff room, walk-in shower room, spray tan booth, large reception area with vintage chesterfield, nail bar and luxury pedicure spa. 


So, if you're looking for somewhere a little more relaxed and women with years of knowledge and experience that can advise you on exactly what can be done, to help you improve the way you look and feel about yourself (without going under the knife), then I suggest you hop in your car and let's chat over coffee or even a glass of wine from our chiller at High Grade House, skin clinic, Acle.


High Grade House is a friendly, family run business, which welcomes all through the doors. Please feel free to come and visit us and find out about all the latest clinical procedures and technologies that are out there. Procedures include Permanent Makeup (also known as tattoo eyebrows or micro-pigmentation), Derma-rolling, Laser hair removal, Anti-Wrinkle injectables, Skin peels, and Cavitation slimming. I aim to give you the knowledge and understanding, to enable us to make the ultimate changes in your lifestyle and appearance, permanently. With fantastic, natural-looking results, using the most advanced products, such as Medik8 and Dermalogica, which is; 'Researched by Biochemists; Formulated by Pharmacologists; Dispensed by Skincare Experts'


Our team: Clinical Aesthetics Practitioner: Mandy Rimmer Beauty Therapists Emily Shreeve and Charlotte Spalding, Reflexologist and Holistic's Zoe Emmerson, Our Nurse Practitioner Lynne Phillippo (Botox & Fillers) Sports Therapist and Chiropractor Elizabeth Minter. All at High Grade House, Skin Clinic, Acle, Norwich.


Also part of our team is Harley Street's Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Aslam. Famous for his appearances on TV's Extreme Make Over and Ten Years Younger. So if you need something a little more than what I can offer, then I'm sure Dr. Aslam is your man. He specializes in everything from Breast Enlargements to Tummy Tucks and he even offers FREE CONSULTATIONS at High Grade House, Acle, Norwich every month. Dr Aslam is a very experienced consultant, whom I have personally known for over 13 years and have seen his work first hand on myself and with many happy clients.


For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at High Grade House, Skin Clinic, Acle, Norwich, Myself and my staff look forward to meeting you soon.


Opening hours: Mon - 9am-3pm

                          Tue - Fri 10am-6pm         

                          Sat - 9am-2pm (Appointments Only)


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